October 2009

How Not to Become Part of the “Lost Generation” of Jobless Young Americans [10.12.09]

Teaching Gen Y to Plan, Adapt to Problems [10.01.09]

September 2009

A Gen Y Book Review: “The Trophy Kids Grow Up,” by Ron Alsop [9.28.09]

Gen Y: Eternal Optimists… But for How Long? [9.21.09]

One Millenial Woman’s Gender Roles [9.16.09] *Guest blog for Talking About Generations.

How Did I Get Here and Where Do I Fit? [9.3.09] *Brazen Careerist featured post.

August 2009

your PR career… 10 Steps to Creating a New Pros PR Group [8.21.09]*Published by PRSA’s New Pros blog

Be my Work Parent…Except, Not Really [8.11.09] *Brazen Careerist featured post.

Top 3 Complaints About my College Education [8.3.09]

July 2009

Turn Them Into Knowledge Workers, says Bruce Tulgan [7.29.09]

Keys to Hiring Gen Y [7.27.09] (Including: “Eight Non-Monetary Considerations for Gen Y on the Job” and “Seven Best Practices for Hiring Gen Y”)

Best Questions for Hiring Gen Y [7.27.09]

Bruce Tulgan’s Myths, part 2 [7.23.09]

Bruce Tulgan’s Myths Part #1 [7.18.09]

Response to: Gen Y Managing Gen Y [7.15.09]

June 2009

You’re Young, You Get This Techy Stuff, Right? [6.26.09] *Picked up by Sun Microsystem’s Gen Y “Student” page (Look under “Tips & Tricks”)

Lessons from the Gen Y Job Candidate from Hell [6.18.09] *Brazen Careerist featured post

Rosie the Riveter Wanna-Be’s: Why Gen Y is the True Reincarnation of the Greatest Generation [6.11.09]

Self-Centered Gen Y Will Self-Destruct — or Old Complainers Will Go the Way of the Fax Machine [6.4.09]

May 2009

Is Gen Y Getting Smarter? No. More Careful? Probably. [5.9.09]

April 2009

*I moved from Arizona to Ohio in April 2009. If you really want to see what this Gen Yer was doing, hit up @sparklegem’s Twitpics and see my “roadviews” pics from our cross-country journey to start life again, from the wild Southwest to the wholesome Midwest. As long as there’s a little ‘west’ in there for this country-girl-at-heart, I’m good.

March 2009

Bailout Bandaids: The Cost to My Generation [3.26.09]

How will Gen Y adapt to the times? [3.6.09]

Google Gen Y [3.5.09]


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