Gen Y and Millennial Management Consultant and Speaker

Crystal Olig @whYgenY

About Me

I’m a 28-year-old Gen Y’er (that’s an early 80’s child, a Millenial, for those of you doing the math) and digital marketing and project management specialist for a Columbus, Ohio digital marketing agency.

I’ve always been passionate about helping peers discover in themselves the best qualities of our generation, and also the most likely to call them on their B.S. For every couple of C student, clubby mama’s boys or self-obsessed fashionistas, I can find you a new lawyer with a background in civil service to rival Gandhi, or a graphic designer who ate exclusively ramen for weeks to pay for a journey to Japan to study street art.

With an occasional wry look inward and a thoughtful learning-centric approach, I hope to discover what role Gen Y’ers can play in the future of business, then teach others how to maximize our dynamic generation under the new emerging paradigm of business in a serious global recession and beyond.

Oh. Were you looking for a real “About ME!!!” biography page? OK, fine.

Digital Marketing Expert

In real life, Crystal is the Account Services Manager for Oxiem, leading the client services practice area and managing the Dublin office. Her leadership role includes helping clients create online strategies to do real business – from website development, content management and social media execution, to search engine marketing and optimization. Crystal supervises the Oxiem project and account management team and leads web projects and campaigns for our clients. Her expertise spans B2B marketing, public relations, information architecture and interactive project management.

Gen Y and Millennial Management Consultant and Speaker

Additionally, Crystal is an accomplished speaker and consultant on Generation Y workplace and management issues. Her presentation, “Gen Yers Who Get It” is one of the top Gen Y/Millennial management presentations on SlideShare with nearly 5,000 views. She consults privately with a handful of companies on Gen Y workplace issues, as well as the following recent public appearances:

  • Panelist, Phoenix Public Relations Society of America, Seminar on “What’s Next for 2009” (January 2009)
  • Selected as featured blog author, Brazen Careerist Blog, Multiple topics & posts (2009/2010)
  • Speaker, Denison University, Presentation on “Gen  Y-ers Who Get It” (April 2010)
  • Speaker & Panelist, Columbus Young Professionals Conference, “Personal Branding for Gen-Y” (April 2010)
  • Speaker, 28th Annual Entrepreneurship Education FORUM with Rick Coplin of Tech Columbus, “Teaching Entrepreneurship to a Digital Generation” (November 2010)
  • Panelist, Ohio Growth Summit, “Understanding the Natives, Looking at the Web from a Gen Y Lens” (June 2011)

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One response to “Gen Y and Millennial Management Consultant and Speaker”

  1. Bec says :

    Self indulgent but honest. I like it. I’m a bored gen y banker in Australia taking teaching part time externally to try and keep my brain functioning in the abyss that is my workplace. So I feel you. Corporate Australia is not ready for Gen ys. They can’t hack us, they don’t know what to do with us so in my case they bully or discriminate against us. Gen-x and Baby Boomers are happy to do the same thing day in day out because that’s what they expect from a workplace. We were taught to be dynamic, not to spell. Rote and monotony were meant to be gone by the time we got into the workforce. Now I see we have to make it our own way. Bec

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