Infographic on Gen Y: Who is Generation Y?

With apologies for a summer hiatus — I’m out concentrating on my job, doing some traveling and yes, working on a redesign for this blog — here’s a little something new I just had to share.

This great infographic is from Flowtown, all rights are absolutely theirs.

Who are the Millenials?


One response to “Infographic on Gen Y: Who is Generation Y?”

  1. jbenoit10 says :

    I’m firmly arguing that Generation Y and Millennials are two distinct groups.

    There are solid differences between the two:

    -Gen-Y first used a computer in school, whereas Millennials first used one in the home;
    -Gen-Y was also the very last generation to not have footage of themselves as babies;
    -Your children viewing adult material over the internet is a Millennial-parent’s dilemma, it was NOT a Gen-Y-parent’s.
    -Gen Y didn’t start texting until late teenagers or early adults; Millennials have been texting since before they were teenagers.

    I realize that classically a “generation” is defined as 20 years, however, given my examples, technology is evolving so fast that there is a HUGE difference, culturally speaking, between someone who was born in 1965 v 1975 v 1985.

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