Response to: Gen Y Managing Gen Y

Tim Ferro brought up an interesting topic in his blog, which was republished on Brazen Careerist and brought about some really interesting commentary from readers. See it all here.

Ferro’s key points:

Advantages of Gen Y Leadership:

  • Communication transparency and options
  • Since Gen Y has been raised on open collaboration, we have no problems communicating through any medium regardless of who can see it.

Disadvantages of  Gen Y Leadership:

  • Too much transparency.

His short post was ended with a request for thoughts and commentary on being a Gen Y manager, so of course, I had to add a brief note on my experiences:

Being a Gen Y Manager

A key experience of mine as a Gen Y manager pointed out to me that all Gen Y’s are not created equal. Whether based on parenting, worldliness, education or experiences, Gen Y managers became managers early on because they are often more mature, logical/practical, and responsible than their peers, even peers of the exact same age. Many of my friends in the same situation have echoed these thoughts.

It’s difficult when someone your own age resents you because you should be at the “same level” based on age, not experience or seniority at a company. It’s hard to tell someone your own age they need to be a little more responsible and proactive with their job issues. Worst of all, Gen Y hates to damage others’ self-worth with negativity — but, it will make them better coach-managers, becoming high-touch leaders that can engage other Gen Y workers in the long run.


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