your PR career… 10 Steps to Creating a New Pros PR Group

This is an excerpt from a guest post on the national Public Relations Society of America’s New Professionals blog. The piece spells out 10 easy steps for creating a local new/young professionals group in your city. While it is PR-specific, many of the tips transcend a profession and speak to engaging Gen Y professionals from an association standpoint.

This excerpt is only a taste…get a full mouthful over at the PRSA New Professionals Blog. I didn’t want to be the ant running off with the picnic.

your PR career… 10 Steps to Creating a New Pros PR Group

by Crystal Olig

Our first years in pubic relations can vary from enlightening and fun to intimidating and tough. Our peers in PR quickly become our best resources, providing a relationship-based connection to the industry.
By starting a New Pros group for your local PRSA Chapter, you’ll be able to share your passion for PR, be a leader in the chapter, and grow your personal network of connected, smart, and helpful peers—who won’t mind if you occasionally geek out about AP style, social media, or the coolest new blogger in the city.

Starting a local New Pros group takes some work, but it is not as hard as it sounds. This 10-step roadmap spells out exactly how you can get there.

Find New Professionals in Your Area

1. Build a base of new PR professionals.
2. Expand your base of new PR professionals through referrals.

Reach Out

3. Create a consistent outreach plan.
4. Don’t assume—Ask what new professionals in your area need.

Plan and Engage

5. Plan hybrid new professionals events.
6. Initiate a matching program.
7. Deliver variety in programming.

Keep this Advice in Mind

8. New professionals leaders must be visible and accessible.
9. Be time and cost-conscious.
10. Create a super committee.


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